2 thoughts on “Engagement from the inside out

  1. This post ticks so many boxes – especially the bit about verbosity leading to “brain freeze”.
    We have the data, we have all the rationale we need, we’ve defined the arse out of it….so why isn’t it happening. Where I work, for example, we use Gallup as a way of sending a supertanker down the river which the managers can point to as “engagement” yet the process is so laborious it murders initiative. And then some genius challenges the definitions when the report comes out and round we go again……When the market picks up the best people will leave without a trace, mark my words!

    • We hear you Adam. Worth making your voice heard internally though as I imagine there will be several members of the exec team who are very anxious to hear about positive perspectives on how to avoid the exodus you refer to as inevitable.

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