Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No….it’s a brand champion!!!

Ian’s latest book, connecting the worlds of hr, marketing and comms in support of brand development from within highlights the extraordinary, workaday superheroes who bring brands to life.

He uncovers characters like Mel, plucked from obscurity by her peers to lead the quiet brand engagement revolution within a financial services organisation while the market was imploding. Or Sinead, the junior communications officer who literally took to the stage to show her board how to lead by example.

Currently working on the third in the TBT brand trilogy, we’re always on the lookout for stories of everyday “legends” in sensible shoes who wouldn’t otherwise dream of featuring on the corporate wall of fame, probably aren’t aware of their informal leadership status but who could inspire those hungry for best practices or the otherwise unloved and the disengaged.

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‘Buckingham is one of the few business writers to span the territories of HR as well as the more external facing disciplines like Advertising and Marketing, consistently arguing the case for a joined-up approach to brand management. His style is always provocative but enjoyable and ultimately thought-provoking in a Handy-esque way. His examples are often drawn from the UK, which makes a welcome change from many US-centric commentators, and the conclusions he points the reader towards and approaches he suggests are certainly applicable internationally. We’ve made very effective use of his thinking and methods throughout our network of global offices.’ – J. Sanderson, Senior Brand Manager, International HealthCare Company

‘With Brand Champions, as with Brand Engagement and his work in general, Ian once again shows that branding is not about large budgets but small consistent actions, branding is not about logos but about people, that branding does not belong to marketing, it belongs to each of us in our everyday actions. Brand champions are right before our eyes if only we look.’ – Anna Farmery, Managing Director, The Engaging Brand

‘Insightful . . . finally a book that exposes the real brand champions within our organizations and deftly guides managers on how to nurture and challenge those employees. With case studies to illustrate, Buckingham uncovers what is needed to create a committed culture of empowered and engaged employees ready to achieve a higher level of performance. As with his last book, this is a must read for any manager.’ – Maryanna Kontaratos, international HR, employee engagement and brand specialist


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