Improving the engagement landscape one company at a time

As the Employee Engagement Taskforce takes further steps towards its mission of mobilising employee engagement for the greater good of Brand Britain, it’s worth a moment’s reflection on the wider engagement movement.

There’s little doubt that we’re in a fairly dark period. Leadership is seemingly in short supply with high-profile figures criticising world leaders over their response to the debt and other crises; religious leaders facing an antagonistic press; bankers and other professionals under fire; MPs seemingly involved in a minefield of scandal and negativity; sports personalities exposed for immorality; business leaders and now journalists bringing their organisations and in some cases industries into disrepute.

Against this backdrop, with mentors and role models seemingly an endangered species it’s easy to dwell on the negatives. But having spent the best part of our careers working with organisations to help them untap the sometimes undiscovered potential in their people, we know that there are wonderful and inspiring best practices out there; there are some amazing leaders, a host of very engaging people and some truly engaged and engaging brands. It’s just a little tricky to find them through the surveys; chatter about re-definitions; negativity and insecurity.

Of course we all hope that the Task Force makes a difference. But no-one really needs a third-party to point out that there is an engagement gap.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most inspiring leaders in the past. We’ve played a small part in co-creating internal cultures that make good brands great. The employee engagement movement started some time ago and experience tells us that engagement spreads one employee, one team one department, one organisation and one brand at a time. And the outcomes are customer and employee advocates and superior business performance.

There really is no need to wait for someone else to confirm the issues, re-define the terminology or point out the barriers. You know the answers.

The first stage in any movement is to do one thing differently yourself, create and then spread the buzz. Convert the cynics and “nay” sayers with your actions. Re-focus their energy, attract the true champions, celebrate small successes and before you know it, one brand at a time, your engagement landscape will improve beyond recognition.


1 thought on “Improving the engagement landscape one company at a time

  1. Sorry but this initiative is a marketing forum for McCloud and a group of supposed experts picked indiscrimminately as a favour to his friends. Has had no impact, the meetings (I went to the last one) are full of middle aged, middle class males and are ego stroking exercises in procrastinating. The best way to improve engagement? Bomb the next gathering and give the real professionals a say…..

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