Brand Watch: Cemex continues to build the brand inside and out!

Ian featured a case study on Cemex, the global, Mexican-owned cement, concrete & aggregates organisation in Brand Champions, largely because of their forward thinking strategy regarding values-based leadership and recognition of the importance of culture to brand development and sustainability.

The Cemex board takes a very enlightened approach to the development of brand champions and people-centred change and as a result, they have an impressive track record of growth through international acquisition, despite the extremely tough conditions in which they have had to operate in recent times.

We’re pleased to report that their approach to brand development from within continues to gather pace and that they were recently recognised for their efforts once again, this time becoming winners of the Management 2.0 Challenge—the first phase of the HBR/McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation backed by Gary Hamel.

To reference their submission:

“CEMEX is fostering innovation by changing the way employees work. It is encouraging a change in practices towards more collaboration, transparency, and openness, and enabling these changes through a Social Networking platform with a business sense, called. Shift. These changes are challenging existing management practices, and opening the creative and strategic arena to all levels of the company. After only 18 months of being in place, these new practices have already produced benefits in an unprecedented scale and speed.”

Congratulations to their CEO, Lorenzo Zambrano; Jesus Garcia, Head of Innovation and the wider management team for what is yet another significant step in the evolution of Cemex as a brand but is also a stride forward in terms of international perceptions of the national brand.

We will be featuring more on the brand development journey of Cemex here and in future publications, so watch this space.


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