Another Opening Another Show

We’ve just completed another high profile brand champions engagement event to rave reviews from our client.

As ever, the seemingly seamless delivery by the fab facilitation team and beaming faces belie the road of trials that eventually culminated in the gathering of champions.

In this particular case, we responded to the call to help with the brand transformation process by defining and developing a compelling service promise and then creating a culture in which brand champions are identified, goals clearly defined and then performance sustained.

As ever, the champions engagement event is an important, but not defining stage in the engagement programme. It’s a classic and energising milestone in the champion’s journey. But the real adventure really does start here.

Fortunately, the champions’ road of change trials is going to be made all the easier by their  colleagues, comrades and allies. These include the classic brand engagement trio of HR/Marketing and Comms with strong MD/CEO support who all led by example at the gathering. They will be sustained by compelling communication and a campaign mentality.

But if the business is to achieve its transformation, the leaders will do well to listen to the wisdom in the words of Cole Porter. Why? Because they really do need to recreate this drama time and again until the energy, engagement and outputs move from exceptional one-off to the norm:

Artist – Cole Porter

Another op’nin, another show
In Philly, Boston, or Baltimo’
A chance for stage folks to say hello!
Another op’nin of another show.

Another job that you hope will last
Will make your future forget your past
Antoher pain where the ulcers grow
Another op’nin of another show.

Four weeks, you rehearse and rehearse
Three weeks, and it couldn’t be worse
One week, will it ever be right?
Then out of the hat it’s that big first night

The overture is about to start
You cross your fingers and hold your heart
It’s curtain time and away we go –
Another op’nin
Just another op’nin of another show!

Here’s to a great event.

Well done to the facilitation team.

Well played brand champions.

But most importantly, here’s to the ongoing journey and not only promises made but commitments delivered time and again…….”encore, encore!”


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