Employee Engagement Alphabet

A couple of years ago, Ian collaborated with David Zinger and a select international group from the Employee Engagement Network to publish a free e-book. Here’s Ian’s fun but thought-provoking take on engagement in 26 keys:

A – “Anarchy in the UK”. The Sex Pistols taught us a lesson about engagement and control that’s worth remembering as we become part of the establishment ourselves.

B – “BS Bingo”! A great way to pass the time at the next leadership conference.

C – chief engagement officers (first line managers) are the new CEOs

D –  enough engagement planning and surveying already – just DO It!

E – encourage your line managers to be the great communicators their people already know them to be.

F – Facebook will never beat Face Time but it is the organisation’s friend. So-called social media isn’t a fad, embrace it.

G – “it’s great after being out late, walking my baby back home”. Now that’s engagement!

H – Hire people who are in tune with the values of your organisation.

I – However well crafted communication should start and end with and “I” – “I see what’s in it for me”

J – Jack Johnson. He’s on message with several generations! What can we learn?

K – “knock, knock”. It’s an economic downturn. Can the leaders come out please?

L – Leaders look out of the window in the good times but in the mirror when things are going wrong.

M – Managers are an endangered species we’re not campaigning to save.

N – “Naked” (and other “power” words)

O – Ordinary is good. Take back ordinary. Let’s make authentic communication ordinary, the norm!

P – Planning is our friend. But rather like doughnuts, too much planning really slows you down.

Q – “The Queen is dead. Long Live the Queen”. Whatever you may think of them Hero Leaders come and go. Line managers last a lot longer.

R – “With great power comes great responsibility”

S – supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. You remembered it. Geddit?

T – Taste, sight, sound, smell, touch – engagement’s about appealing to the lot.

U – U2!?. More than a legendary rock band but a reminder that we’ve a great network out there and we’ve all got something to share and learn.

V – Veal! A controversial topic and a great reminder that great engagement relies on communication that is fit for audience purpose.

W – Wales. I wonder what lessons we can learn from the Welsh about postcolonial centralised communication functions?

X – The generation responsible for much of the engagement activity.

Y – The generation responsible for receiving and translating much of the engagement activity. But do they speak the same language……?

Z – Zoo! Whatever formal engagement strategies there may be it’s always going to be a fantastic, colourful jungle out there with grapevines aplenty so open those cages and connect with the people

A bit of fun with an important message or two. If you would like a gratis copy of the book in all its glory, contact us.


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