The Brand Trilogy (TBT) concept was devised by Ian P Buckingham  and launched and popularised in his book Brand Champions(Palgrave/Macmillan 2011).

We’ve created this site as one open-source resource in order to continue the dialogue about the link between employees and brand. This is a gathering place and discussion space for the rapidly growing network of people who believe that:

  • brand is synonymous with reputation
  • marketing departments make promises but it’s the employees who keep or break them
  • employee engagement is essential to sustaining brands
  • culture, values and behaviour bring brands to life from within
  • authenticity and involvement are key, not internal PR & spin
  • great brands are managed by partnerships between HR; Marketing and Comms

We know there are  legendary tales out there. We help create some of them. Our aim with this site is to celebrate and showcase the workaday superheroes by recording their stories and learnings for the benefit of the engagement community . So don’t be shy, wherever you’re working, please join us in shaping the conversation!

Or get in touch (+44 (0)780 3022 628) If you would like an offline chat about this project or our work in general.


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