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‘I have just read your book and it is excellent…I am about to read it again. I think we have ordered about 10 so far.’ – Bill Parsons, Organisation Development Director; ARM Holdings (UK Super Brand)

Excellent Employer Branding Book May 3, 2012

“I found this book excellent (and I’ve read quite a few books on the same subject). Ian Buckingham manages to clearly explain the importance of brand engagement & employee engagement. Although authored by a Brit, the subject matter translates across all continents and cultures. As an human resources professional who has worked in the US & Europe and who has looked after employees all over the world, I know that the nuances of employee engagement may differ slightly in each region, depending on culture and market forces; however, the overall principles and strategy of employee engagement is the same wherever you are. Engaging employees to love your brand, talk about your brand and stay with your brand, is as critically important now as it ever was – particularly during these economically dynamic times. I hope you agree, that it’s well worth the read.” By Ms Lunn

‘Buckingham is one of the few business writers to span the territories of HR as well as the more external facing disciplines like Advertising and Marketing, consistently arguing the case for a joined-up approach to brand management. His style is always provocative but enjoyable and ultimately thought provoking in a Handy-esque way. His examples are often drawn from the UK, which makes a welcome change from many US-centric commentators, and the conclusions he points the reader towards and approaches he suggests are certainly applicable internationally. We’ve made very effective use of his thinking and methods throughout our network of global offices.’ – J. Sanderson, Senior Brand Manager, International HealthCare Company

CEOs Must Read It! This book has a lot of common sense in it, and is well organized.
I wish my clients would read this instead of sticking to some of the old stuff they learned in business school. Branding is all based on humanity and consumer behavior, you’ll find a lot of it here.” – I Geva

Ian’s Brand Engagement, Cranky Middle Manager Show Interview

Ian’s Brand Champions, Engaging Brand Podcast Interview

Brand Challenger Ian is currently writing the third book in the ongoing Brand Trilogy (TBT) series, publishing regular thought pieces on the blog on the Home page. We’re using this site as the platform for debate and discussion for the professionals in marketing, branding, HR and communication – inside and out.

Other books featuring contributions by Ian:

The Gower Handbook of Internal Communication (Mark Wright, editor. Ian wrote the storytelling chapter)

Marketing Metaphors & Metamorphosis (Prof Phillip Kitchen invited Ian to write the chapter on the internal “market”).

Ian’s CIPD People Management column.

Ian’s HR Zone blog.



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