Engaging people

Ian Buckingham’s career started out at the sharp end of blue-chip customer services before he moved into strategic and then senior agency roles. As a result of working both in-house and as a consultant he has become one of the most outspoken and influential champions of authenticity in the workplace as a powerful and sustainable way of unlocking employee engagement and underpinning sustainable, high performing organisations.

Ian is the author of two of the seminal, case-study based texts in the employee engagement space which occupy the intersection between HR; Marketing and Communication. He is a CIPD columnist, respected and prolific writer, former SDL director; founder of Omnicom flagship agency Interbrand’s Inside function and has partnered with clients across sectors to support many leading UK and global brands whether they’re ltd companies, professional services partnerships, not for profit organisations or places/countries.

Ian is the owner and founder of the BY2W fellowship which promotes a unified systems approach to bringing brands to life from within through values based leadership; internal communication; employee engagement and culture development. We work with a range of trusted partners and have a deep understanding of the engagement landscape, unique and extensive experience and resulting skill set as well as a tried and tested range of inspirational engagement products and services aimed at identifying, liberating and supporting engaging brand champions at all levels within organisations.

We operate to a fellowship model and are always looking out for fresh challenges. Regardless of whether you’re a potential client looking for a confidential conversation about the issues facing your brand or organisation; a publisher in need of a different perspective, a potential partner organisation looking to collaborate or an associate needing assistance, do feel free to contact us.


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