Engaging rationale

Much of the engagement discussion unfortunately falls into the “hearts and flowers” category. Sure, those who “get it” really do “get it” and can see the link between great brands and world-class engagement. But they don’t always hold the purse strings and may well need some help to make the case with their colleagues.

Not everyone can appreciate that high-profile brand implosions like the Enron disaster, the collapse of so many banking brands or the problems encountered by the Murdoch empire have their roots in the way the brand is managed internally impacting culture, values and engagement. Sadly, it doesn’t take an economic downturn to see that conviction alone isn’t always going to impress the FD, however. Our aim here is to share some of the best practices that help make the business case for change.

While you’re mulling over the various thought pieces we offer on this subject, why not take our rolling poll into the traits exhibited by engaged employees, given that the development of these traits should be among the core outcomes of your engagement programme?

In Brand Champions, Ian talks about the AA outcomes:

  • Achievement
  • Advocacy

He also talks about the 4 key qualities using the acronym:

  • R eceptive (they are open to opportunities to be involved)
  • I nvolved & I nvolving (they are part of the programme not passive recipients)
  • P roactive (they are more or less self-managing, initiate and innovate)
  • E nergised

We’ll be happy to share our global survey into the characteristics of engaged employees with you. Just get in touch.


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