Engaging approaches

Brand Engagement

Brand is reputation.

Reputation stems from actions.

Marketing departments make promises, but it’s down to your employees to keep or break those promises through their everyday interactions with your customers.

Successful brands don’t just result from marketing campaigns: they radiate from every aspect of your organisation. They are the sum of both employee and customer engagement, passion and belief.  Brand champions and advocates are the key to sustainable organisation performance.

Ian wrote the definitive, case-study-based book on this subject, Brand Engagement, and has truly unparalleled experience of  partnering with clients to build brand engagement within organisations.

Each assignment is different but wherever possible we normally begin by working with your leaders, ideally the brand trilogy of Marketing/HR and CEO to clarify your service promise, brand, culture and values and ensure they are in tune with your strategic goals and your customer needs. We then help your leaders become role models for your brand, and ensure that they communicate the brand values and associated behaviours across your organisation and beyond to create an internal culture in which the brand thrives.

Via a series of engagement experiences, from workshops through to the use of our unique brand engagement suite, we encourage your people to identify what is strong and positive about your brand, and then take a unique approach to storytelling to share personal success stories and best practices. By partnering with you to develop this widespread understanding of your brand positioning, vision, mission, values and behaviours, we help you create a brand mindset and embed this in your organisation’s key people processes and internal brand management DNA until it becomes a natural part of the way you operate, your core culture.

To learn more about our suite of brand engagement tools and techniques, including the ground-breaking Brand Champions™ game and Brand Challenger™ business simulation and strategy development tool, have a look at one of our case study based books, and/or contact us for a discussion.


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